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The BBC's consulting approach aims to create a "sustained one-on-one effort" to get to the heart of what matters in helping organizations to develop an effective culture change program that yields sustainable performance results and an increase in retention through employee engagement.

Consulting Services

Human Resources (HR) Professionals

BBC's HR program is designed to support the needs of HR Practitioners covering all areas of the employee’s life cycle: from attracting talent, onboarding, promotions, exiting strategy and everything else in between. Our program enables HR teams to think differently about how they deliver people processes and aims to embed an inclusive culture throughout the organization.

Inclusive Culture Management

BBC’s inclusive culture consultancy is dedicated to collaboratively work with organizations to drive real culture change that embeds diversity and inclusion throughout. From data analysis of your employee’s entire life cycle to cultural assessment and change management and coaching, our purpose is to enable practical and sustainable solutions that improve your workforce.

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