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Bryant & Bryant Consulting, LLC is a consulting firm committed to helping leaders and organizations balance individual and organizational values leading to the creation of thriving cultures and effective organizations.

Companies we've helped succeed:

• Temple Health
• Conwell Egan Catholic High School
• Integrity National Corporation
• Bensalem High School
• Messiah university, Haiti

Together we succeed.

Our mission is to provide purpose assessment, metrics, people analytics, and innovative insight to create a high-performance organization.

• Falls Township Police Department
• The Because Project
• National General Hospital, Haiti
• Good Samaritan heath, Haiti


Doctor of Strategic Leadership
Certified Coach,
DEI Certified
DiSC Certified
PHR Certified

Dr. Widza Bryant is the President and Co-Founder of Bryant & Bryant Consulting, LLC.  Widza has specialized in transformational leadership management for over 20 years.

Dr. Widza Bryant, Doctor of Strategic Leadership, Certified Coach, DEI Certified DiSC Certified and PHP is the President and Co-Founder of Bryant & Bryant Consulting, LLC. Dr. Bryant thrives on empowering leaders and organizations to transform cultures and people, in turn, creating a thriving, diverse, and inclusive workforce. Inspired by her long Human Resources career, both national and global, she launched Bryant and Bryant Consulting, LLC to enable/promote practical and sustainable solutions that improve the effectiveness of organizations and its workforce.

In addition to her leadership expertise, Dr. Bryant brings a wealth of knowledge in healthcare consulting. Leveraging her extensive background in the healthcare sector, she has been instrumental in guiding organizations through strategic planning, operational efficiency, and quality improvement initiatives. Her keen understanding of the healthcare landscape allows her to provide invaluable insights, helping organizations navigate complex regulatory environments, improve patient outcomes, and enhance overall operational performance.

Dr. Bryant is the Author of a newly released book: Leadership Practices: A Global and Spiritual Perspectives.


Doctor of Strategic Leadership
DEI Certified
DiSC Certified

For over two decades, Dr. Cedric Bryant has helped develop confident leaders, teams, and organizations. His ability to work reciprocally across diverse settings with all levels of leadership has made him a sought-after executive leader and team development strategist and organizational culture practitioner.

Dr. Bryant has also made significant strides in the field of healthcare consulting. Harnessing his comprehensive understanding of the healthcare landscape, he has successfully guided numerous organizations through complex challenges related to strategic planning, operational efficiency, and quality improvement. His success in this domain is characterized by improved patient outcomes, enhanced organizational performance, and increased operational efficiency within the healthcare organizations he has worked with.

His overall philosophy on effective leader and team development centers on the transformational leadership concept, a model concerned with changing and transforming people for the collective betterment of both the individual and the organization. 

Dr. Bryant is the co-author of a newly released book: Leadership Practices: A Global and Spiritual Perspectives.

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