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Our workshops are designed to give new and experienced leaders the tools to discover who they are as leaders, personalize their brand, and learn the science of leading others. Leaders, managers, and supervisors will learn a unique method of teaching and mentoring employees on new skills that align with the company’s objectives and personal growth.


Performance Management

This workshop is based on sets of strategic practices which are used to optimize the value of an organization’s workforce. We cover several areas of organizational effectiveness, including workforce planning (recruiting, onboarding, retention, etc.), workforce development, performance management, and competency management.

Emotional Intelligence

In this practical, interactive workshop, participants learn and apply the components of emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management); become aware of the impact a leader’s emotional intelligence can have on enhancing individual and organizational performance; learn and apply the concepts of emotional triggers, self-awareness, and self-management; and identify and practice skills for managing self, raising social awareness, and building social skills.

Managing with styles in mind (MDTI, DISC)

In this fun, highly engaging and interactive workshop, participants learn the concept of preferences and styles through MBTI or DISC. They learn about and value others with differing perspectives in order to collaborate more effectively, enhance their own leadership effectiveness, improve communication, and build a greater sense of team.

Unconscious bias

In this practical, interactive workshop, participants learn to be mindful of the many unconscious biases that inhibit individual, group, and organizational performance.
This workshop provides a non-judgmental approach aimed at understanding how unconscious bias operates in the workplace. The workshop provides a starting point in understanding how biases‚ÄĒif unchecked can impact individuals and the organization.

Employee Engagement

Our workshop focuses on the importance of building relationships by addressing issues early and often, before they become major problems. Participants reflect on their own obstacles to building meaningful and working relationships Participants also learn their emotional triggers that may get in the way of having an engaging relationship, then practice strategies for managing those triggers. The workshop is interactive and offers participants a planned approach for developing relationships and engagement.

Creating Inclusive Workplace

Our inclusive culture workshop is dedicated to collaboratively work with organizations to drive real culture change that embeds diversity and inclusion throughout the organization. The workshop is geared toward helping organizations elevate the structural and systemic elements of their inclusive culture infrastructure.

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